Quality architecture is our passion, client friendship is our desire, and environmental stewardship is our obligation.

For over 30 years, Neumann Monson Architects has merged talent, innovation, and expertise to create enduring architectural solutions. At the heart of our mission is a work process that employs true collaboration, where talented individuals come together to create quality environments for our clients and society. We maintain a broad array of architectural capabilities and specialized qualifications, which allows us to continually thrive throughout a variety of design related markets. The Neumann Monson team embodies ambition and knowledge to create the best, high performance design solutions. We challenge ourselves to excel, setting the standards for innovative architecture.

Neumann Monson Architects was founded as a four person, Iowa City based firm in 1977. Since then, we have grown into a thriving multi-office design corporation that spans the state of Iowa. With three locations including Iowa City, Des Moines, and Sioux City, Neumann Monson Architects has produced quality architecture throughout the Midwest and the United States. Constantly at the forefront of sustainable Iowa architecture, we take pride in being the state's "Sustainable Architecture Leaders."

Our commitment to environmentally positive design is celebrated through many recognized built works, including the recent ACT Data Center, the Nation's first LEED Platinum building of this type. At Neumann Monson Architects, quality architecture is our passion, client friendship is our desire, and environmental stewardship is our obligation.






The strength of our team lies in the talent of our individuals.

At Neumann Monson, we believe that the strength of our team lies in the talent of our individuals. We seek the best talent and provide our team with a creative studio community where collaboration is embraced. We maintain a nurturing office environment that is continually evolving to ensure ongoing, integrative opportunities for all staff.

We are always seeking diverse and talented professionals. Please submit letters of interest to:





On collaboration
Neumann Monson Architects believes that client interaction is the elemental force in creating functional and enduring architectural spaces. By way of discussion and discourse we gather insight into our client's unique vision and work to understand all aspects of their needs-pragmatic and aesthetic. Because every project is different, we assemble a team of consultants to best serve the variety of conditions surrounding each design. Too often, architects have the tendency to talk past their clients and design teams, driving solutions and aggressive aesthetics rather than encouraging cultivation of the client's vision and needs. At Neumann Monson, we believe our role is to inform and nurture, implementing the diverse talents within our team to carry an idea from concept to completion. We maintain this process as the essential ingredient for creating intelligent architecture-grounded in function and enlightened by collaboration.


On context
Architecture carries the tremendous responsibility to not only provide for clients, but also to serve and shape the fabric of our communities. Neumann Monson is committed to the highest quality architectural designs which perform efficiently and improve life. We work to incorporate the needs of our clients into the overall language of a project's surroundings by creating performance-oriented, sustainable designs that harmonize with and enhance the sites upon which they are built. As stewards of our local community, as well as the Midwest, we aim to integrate our work into the landscape and instill our designs with place.


On detail
Materials and their assemblies decide the success of an architectural design, from defining durability and practicality to shaping a building's more sentient qualities. Details inform how we see, feel, and understand the architecture we inhabit. Neumann Monson provides expertise and innovation through the employment of sustainable materials and building systems, aiding in the creation of poetic spaces which both perform and delight. We achieve these qualities through an intense process of design and revision, coordinating with contractors and consultants to streamline our process and ensure consistent forward progress. By scrutinizing each element within a project, we establish order and functional relationships to provide our clients with the best possible architectural solutions.





Sustainable Architecture Leaders


Neumann Monson Architects is committed to incorporating sustainable concepts and strategies into every project. We are passionate about producing architecture that can provide increased productivity, health, and comfort for all occupants, while reducing operational costs and energy dependencies. We have 27 LEED Accredited Professionals on our team, and we are able to demonstrate how LEED principles can create high performance facilities that will improve our communities and our world.

The University of Iowa School of Music

In Progress:

The University of Iowa Beckwith Boathouse


City High School Auditorium

Auditorium & Performance:

Davenport Sky Bridge


Dyersville Elementary School

Education K-12:

University of Iowa Seamans Center

Higher Education:

Plaza Towers


Terry Lockridge & Dunn


Clinton Community College

Science & Technology:

The University of Iowa West Campus Transportation Facility

Transportation & Parking:



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221 East College Street, Suite 303
Iowa City, Iowa 52240
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